Holiday Tips for a Merry Christmas with Your Stepfamily

Christmas is just a few days away. Here are a few ideas on how to make the most of that special day.


M – Mind your expectations. Lower them when necessary.

E – Expect bumps along the way.

R –  Refuse to take everything personally – it’s probably not about you.

R – Relax when you’re about to go over the cliff.

Y – Yield toward kindness as often as possible.


C – Choose to stay calm in the heat of conflict.

H – Have a Plan B for your schedule.

R – Remember the Reason for the season.

I – Include grace every day.

S – Settle for good enough instead of insisting on perfection.

T – Tell your spouse you love him/her every day.

M – Make memories with your stepchildren.

A – Admit when you fail and ask for forgiveness.

S – Seek to do your part toward loving relationships in your stepfamily.

Merry Christmas!

For more holiday tips, check out our holiday e-book, Unwrapping the Gift of Stepfamily Peace.  It’s a great tool to help you and all stepparents find peace during the holidays and beyond. It’s packed with proven tools and tips, personal stories and a list of recipes and new holiday traditions you can start with your stepfamily.   Unwrapping the Gift of Stepfamily Peace





Pic by David Castillo Dominici


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6 replies
  1. Shawn Hartwell
    Shawn Hartwell says:

    Wonderful tips just in time for the big day, thank you!

    This will be my fist christmas with my stepson, though the biological father is not in the picture, and I couldn’t be more happy. My whole family is going to get to meet my special little guy and that’s the best gift I could ask for.

    Does anyone have any stories about their holidays? Tips to share?

    • Gayla Grace
      Gayla Grace says:

      That’s wonderful Shawn! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Would love to hear about your family meeting your stepson. An exciting time!

  2. Ava
    Ava says:

    In the Christmas busy-ness, I just got around to reading this. But it was *exactly* what my heart needed to read today. Thank you for these simple, grace-filled tips.

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