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Conquering Back to School Challenges with Your Stepfamily

The back and forth routine that accompanies life in a stepfamily often brings exhaustion. During the school year, it can create confusion, anxiety, and turmoil for our kids. Our children need a stable home environment, free of tension and chaos to succeed in school. If you spend any time at your stepchild’s school, particularly middle and high school, you’ll notice the pressure and […]

Surefire Ways to Beat Summer Burnout as a Stepparent

As the summer begins to wind down for many of us, the days are HOT and long. Stepchildren around every day can make for additional challenges. I’ve heard from several stepmoms lately who are barely treading water. Even with the best  plans for a fruitful and fun-filled summer, bickering kids with bad attitudes and not enough to do, create challenging days. If you’re […]

How to Create Healthy Stepfamily Relationships

I’ve noticed a common theme among step couples I’m working with lately: marital issues compound stepfamily problems. In other words, if you’re struggling with basic marriage challenges, it will spill over into your stepfamily. Here’s an example: let’s say you and your spouse don’t do conflict well. Maybe you say things you know you shouldn’t in a heightened sense of […]

Great New Resource for Stepmoms: “Recipe for Joy–A Stepmom’s Story”

I love introducing new resources for stepmoms because as you know, if you’ve been a stepmom long, the journey isn’t easy. I’m participating in a blog tour this week and can’t wait to tell you about a new book, Recipe  for Joy: A Stepmom’s Story of Finding Faith, Following Love, and Feeding a Family by Robin Davis. Davis has been […]

Five Great Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day as a Stepmom

One of the hardest hurdles to cope with as a stepparent is the reality that we make the same sacrifices as a biological parent but  reap very few rewards for our efforts. In his book, The Smart Stepfamily, Ron Deal gives three reasons why the stepmother role is even more difficult than the stepfather role. “First, children tend to maintain more frequent […]

Create Boundaries for Blessings in Your Stepfamily

Do you remain in a conversation with your stepchild while he/she displays disrespectful behavior? Do you continue to pick up your children’s clothes even though you’ve asked them to do it themselves? Do you allow your ex-spouse to make repeated changes to the kids’ visitation schedule without consequences? If so, it’s likely you have a […]