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Learn How the 90/10 Principle Can Change Your Stepparenting

We experience all kinds of challenges on our stepparenting journey. Whether it’s a rebellious stepchild, a combative ex-spouse, or a loneliness that pervades your home, here’s a strategy that can help. Have you heard of the 90/10 principle? It’s a Steven Covey principle that says: “10% of life is made up of what happens to […]

Overcoming Self Doubt as a Stepparent

Today I share a guest blog post by a fellow stepmom: Julie Langley of Shreveport, LA. Her story as a stepmom offers comfort and hope!   I have both married and single friends. Those with kids and those without. Some knew they wanted to be parents from the moment they began to think of their […]

The Holidays – 3 Ways to Make Them Better

This is my first holiday season without Mom. After a long hard road with Alzheimer’s, she passed away in August. Although I’m thankful she’s no longer suffering, I think about her every day. I’d love to go back and have just one more conversation with her, even if she doesn’t complete a full sentence or […]

Five Ways to Find Peace During the Holidays

Today my friend, Barb Goldberg, shares her thoughts on celebrating the holidays as a stepfamily.     What is the first thing that crosses your mind when you think about stepfamilies and holidays? I’m guessing it isn’t peace! Stepfamilies have an advantage over other families. We know that we have to practice our mediation skills. […]