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The Holidays: Ways to Cope for the Stepfamily

I left my parent’s home with a heavy heart after my visit at Thanksgiving. I couldn’t shake the helplessness and sadness I felt from Mom’s continued decline with Alzheimer’s. I sensed that the next time I saw her, she would likely be living in a home dedicated to dementia patients, instead of with my Dad […]

Finding True JOY is a Choice

A few years ago, seeking to put some joy in our life and spend quality family time together, we decided to go camping during our kids’ spring break. Going to the highest peak in Arkansas to hike, fish, and spend family time around a campfire sounded great when we were making plans. But we didn’t plan […]

Encouragement for the Stepparenting Journey

 Words of encouragement from Randy & Gayla If you have trouble seeing the video, please click here. My husband, Randy, and I recently celebrated 21 years of marriage. We’ve made it more than two decades together! During our first year of marriage, I would have told you I wasn’t sure we would make it past […]

Dear Stepparent: You’re an Olympic Champion!

Have you been watching the Olympics? What’s your favorite sport? Mine is women’s gymnastics. The athletes make it look so easy to throw themselves across the floor in beautiful techniques and hoist their bodies in ways that seem impossible. As I listen to stories of the Olympic champions’, I find myself comparing them to the challenges of stepparenting and […]