When I saw the title, “On Having a Mom and Stepmom: A Daughter’s Perspective,” I couldn’t help but stop and read the article. Written by a college student, Jamie Ballard, the article describes her gratitude toward her mom AND her stepmom. Here are a few snippets from the article:

A Stepchild Talks About Her Blended Families

“Most people only have one mom, I feel incredibly lucky that I have two. My parents got divorced when I was young, and a few years later, my dad and my stepmom Ellen got married. I don’t vividly remember a time when I didn’t have two mothers, both of them different, but very loving and supportive.

It took moving away from home (or homes, as the case may be) to realize how much of my personality had been shaped by my two moms. As I go about my day, I often wonder what my mom and Ellen would have to say about this or that, or what they’d do in whatever situation I find myself. Sometimes these are passing thoughts, but sometimes they’re the driving force behind my decision.

When it comes to relationships in particular, I feel they’ve both taught me different–but equally important–lessons. Ellen and my dad model a strong marriage, and I see how they work together to keep our household running while raising three kids and running a business. Ellen herself has taught me that complacency isn’t always the right path, and sometimes you have to fight back and stand up for what’s right. My mother taught me that it’s important to be independent, but community is just as important.

People worry that children from blended families–or children who go back and forth between parents–suffer from a lack of stability. On the contrary, I wouldn’t be the person I am today without both maternal influences. I think it’s actually made me a more well-rounded person, open to different ideas and opinions and choices.

And for that, I thank all three of my parents.”

Dear stepmom: don’t underestimate the role you play. You are important!

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To read the complete article referenced above, go to San Diego Family Magazine, September 2014.


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