My son, Nathan, and I went to “Meet the Teacher” night at his elementary school last night. Nathan is beginning 4th grade and is excited about going back to school (unlike our older kids!)  On the way home, we talked about our expectations for him this year.

I want Nathan to know that I  believe he is capable of having another successful school year and I  expect him to do his part in being the best student he can.

My husband and I also took our two college kids (my daughter and my stepson) to dinner one day last week. We told them both we were proud of them for completing half of their college education and then talked about our expectations of them for the second half.

We want them both to know that we believe they can meet the standards to hold on to their scholarships while completing their last two years of college. Both kids are living on their own now and we also talked about how to set boundaries with their friends and manage their time wisely to accomplish the demands of school, work, and other extracurricular activities.

I believe it’s important that we stay actively involved in our children’s education, even as they get older. If they know we sincerely care about their grades, their teacher relationships, and the challenges they encounter at school, they are more likely to talk to us when struggles occur.

In her book, Real Issues, Real Teens, Suzie Eller says, “Teens are looking for people to believe in them, and you, as a parent, are the best person for the job. They are also looking for someone to talk to, and they hope it might be you.”

If we have low expectations of our children/stepchildren, they will meet them. If we have high expectations and our children know we believe in their success, they are more likely to work toward the goals set before them.

Do your children/stepchildren know you believe in their success at school?


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