When You’re Not the “Real Mom”

"My real mom would be fine with it!" he said. Being compared to the "real mom" is not a fun thing. Yet it happens. That doesn't have to be the end of the story with our stepchildren, though. It's been almost a decade since it happened to me. But I remember the incident well. My stepson compared me to his mom. And not in a positive,...

Patience Counts in Blended Families!

I love the beauty of Summer. Flowers planted months before begin to show their delicate blooms. The effects of planting, fertilizing, and watering can be enjoyed as perfectly shaped flower petals emerge. It's a process that requires work and patience. But the end result can be enjoyed for months or years. The same is true of relationships in...

Patience Counts in Blended Families by Gayla Grace

While We are Waiting, God is Working

It seems we have to wait for so many things. We wait on God to answer our prayers. We wait on test results to come back from the doctor. We wait for winter to end so spring can begin. We wait on a good relationship to form with our stepchildren. And on and on. But good things can happen when we wait. As we wait on God to answer our prayers, we...

The Importance of Patience in the Blended Family by Gayla Grace

Five Easy Ways to Get Relief from the Stepparenting Routine

Routines can be good but sometimes we have to change them up! School is out in many places across the country. If your school year hasn't ended yet, it will soon and your normal routine will change. Several years ago I was sick with a stomach virus. My diet consisted of crackers and Gatorade, and I needed more rest. I even skipped my early...

When the White Picket Fence Doesn't Go Up

Difficult Stepfamily Seasons and Learning to Trust God

The Empty Nest Season After parenting for almost three decades, my youngest son—Nathan (an "ours" child), graduates from high school this month and my husband and I will begin empty nest. It's an eery feeling. I was three months shy of 40 years old when Nathan was born—the only child my husband Randy and I have together. We had been married...

When the White Picket Fence Doesn't Go Up

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