I woke up early thinking about the many things to do since getting back from vacation. And then I remembered how hot the forecast was for the week: 103 degrees for the next several days with the heat index at 120.

Ugh! I’m not much of a hot weather person so the heat presents a challenge for me. And then you add to that a bunch of kids at home, bored from being inside but too hot to go outside. What’s one to do?

I went through an exercise in my head of how to stay sane until school starts. Here are my thoughts:

1. Get up early to exercise so my mental state is good enough to deal with agitated kids.

2. Meditate on Scripture to find a calm place for the day.

3. Pray for peace and sweet attitudes for the kids and myself.

4. Invite friends to the house to keep the kids occupied.

5. Get out every board game we have.

6. Keep plenty of snacks around (comfort food – right?)

7. Threaten the kids with chores if they start fighting with each other (am I the only Mom who does this?)

8. Retreat to my room and close the door when all else fails….

Okay, I’m sure there’s bound to be some other options.

Any suggestions on how to stay sane in this heat?


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