What an awesome week-end with a bunch of beautiful stepmoms. If you missed our stepmom retreat, you must make plans to attend our next one!

There was a lot of wisdom shared from the stepmom speakers, so I’ve gathered a few nuggets for you to chew on. Enjoy!

“The biggest gift we can give our stepkids is for them to see a healthy marriage.” Laura Petherbridge

“You think about her (the ex-wife) way too much.” StepMom Magazine

“You can’t fix what you didn’t break.” Heather Hetchler

“Do you want to be right or do you want to have peace?” Laura Petherbridge

“When you’re in the middle of the battle is not the time to make the battle plan.” Men’s panel

“You can have an important role by having less of a role. Sometimes we bow out for their (the kids’) benefit.” Stepmom Magazine

“It’s okay to love your biological children differently than your stepchildren.” Amy Urbach

“Be willing to endure disharmony in your home and recognize that it’s normal.” Gayla Grace

“Men are like dial up and women are like broadband, we will both eventually get to the same page, it just takes men longer..” (regarding communication). Men’s panel

“I’m going to be part of the problem or I’m going to be part of the solution.” Laura Petherbridge

Dear stepmom: You’re important! Embrace your role and press on.

We’re making plans for our next retreat. Find details here: http://sisterhoodofstepmoms.com/

Come join us!

What nugget of wisdom did you gain from our retreat? I’d love to hear it!


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