“Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future.”

The pastor’s words were meant to inspire our young kids to be careful about who they choose to spend time with. But I’m convinced it’s the same with adults. If we choose to hang with other stepparents who are bitter and angry, complaining about stepfamily life, it will influence us.

Why not choose to embrace your role and learn how to rise above your challenges at our next Stepmom Retreat? Come meet some positive stepmoms and build camaraderie with others walking the same journey.

You’ll find details at www.SisterhoodofStepmoms.com but here’s the skinny:

April 11-13, 2014

Belleville, IL (outside St. Louis, MO at a beautiful retreat center)

$109 Early bird registration ends February 14th. It’d be a perfect Valentine’s gift for you!

Find community, be encouraged, get refreshed!

Come join us! Meet Laura Petherbridge, author of The Smart Stepmom, and hear how you can find hope, help, and healing on your stepmom road.

Go to our website to learn all the details. I’d love to meet you and hope you’ll make plans to attend!  Here are comments from ladies who attended our last retreat:

  • “I learned that I’m not alone; this is worth it in the long haul. Plus I can see things through the eyes of my stepchild a little better.”          Dallas Retreat – Oct. 2013
  • “My marriage was almost over when I came to this retreat. My husband even asked me to move out. But now I have found help, and what I need to try again. I think we will make it now.”          Dallas Retreat – Oct. 2013
  • “It’s helped me to understand what normal struggles look like for a stepmom. I’m not alone in how I feel.  The retreat really encouraged me!”          Dallas Retreat – Oct. 2013
  • “Indescribable!  Perfect timing”          Dallas Retreat – Oct. 2013
  • “I found HOPE, and I learned it’s ok if it doesn’t turn out like I want it to. My stepkids may one day come around, but it’s possible they may not.”          Dallas Retreat – Oct. 2013

What stepmom challenge are you facing? We’ll help you find answers!





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