As we turn the calendar to November next week, we begin to think about the holidays. As a blended family, holidays bring additional stress: heightened expectations, scheduling conflicts with the ex and children or stepchildren, financial burdens, increased communication with ex and ex-in-laws, and time constraints, just to name a few.

So, how do you cope? How do you find peace through a stress-filled holiday season?

I have a resource to help you. I have teamed up with a fellow stepmom, Heather Hetchler, and we have written an e-book titled, “Thriving at the Holidays: A Stepparent’s Guide To Success – Unwrapping the Gift of Peace.

We are excited to offer this new resource for less than the cost of a Startbucks! It will be available October 31st for $2.99 through Amazon and other retailers. I will give you more information once it’s officially launched.
Heather and I have 11 children between our two families and understand the dynamics of blended family holidays. In our book, we offer eight tips for blended families to not just survive the holidays, but thrive through them.
It includes a foreword by stepfamily authority, Ron Deal, that says, “Heather and Gayla want to help your family unwrap familial peace. From stepparent’s living in the trenches, this booklet is packed  full of practical advice, encouragement, and perspective for your holiday challenges.”
I will include thoughts from the e-book on my blog during the holiday season but I hope you’ll consider reading the complete e-book to help you unwrap the gift of peace this holiday season.
More details to follow…
What are you concerned about this holiday season? Do you need some encouragement for your journey?
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